English side

MC Campen

information regarding

Sweden Rock Festival

 5-8 June 2024

Thanks for 2023

Welcome back 2024

Letś RockńŔoll !

The concept has worked so well, we will continue to pursue it in the same spirit as the last 20 years!

We couldn't do anything else though we got huge response from erliar year! Thanks everybody!

So here can you see what we offer you bikers:

As usuall waterclosetts on the camp and shower outside the gate.

Breakfast from 07.00 and food from 11.00 to bedtime.

We dont have any booking just take your bike and come as u are!


As usual, there will be monitoring and the gate will open as normal at 12.00 on Tuesday and is open until 09.00 Sunday morning.  Caravans, car-escort, etc. will not have access to the MC camp. If this is required, please contact Rosenlunds Camping ore one of the other campsites that have caravan and car parks.

Price 1000:-skr per person, visitors for you 100:-skr pp, military tent 6000:-skr includes 6 campingticket

Partytents  1000:-/3x3m tent

We would like to wish all new and old motorcycle riders welcome to mccampen during the

Sweden Rock Festival 2024.